How to record your first voicy?

You have just discovered voicl.com and want to create your first voicy for your website? Lets me show you how to get started easily!

  1. Please sign up and create an account. Feel free to take advantage of our free trial! 🙂
  2. Now click on the “Create Voicy” button in the top menu. (insert pic) Now our template overview will open for you.
  1. Choose one of our gorgeous templates by clicking the small circle in the upper left corner. Then click on “Next page”.
  2. Depending on the design you chose you will now have the option to further customize your voicy:
  • Customize the color to match your brand’s aesthetics
  • Give your voicy a name (this will only be visible to you and helps you find your voicy later in your dashboard. Name your voicy for example: “Welcome on Homepage”, “CTA on checkout”)
  • Upload a picture (this will appear on your voicy). We recommend using a picture of yourself to provide your website visitors with a more personalized experience. Let them know who is talking to them.
  • Add a text onto your voicy (e.g. “Check this out!”, “Did you know..?”)
  • Add a link for our Call-To-Action voicys
  1. Check the live-preview on the left to see how your voicy will appear on your website. Once you’re happy with the way your voicy looks, proceed by clicking the arrow on the bottom.
  2. Now it’s time to add sound. You can either upload a pre recorded audio file (please note that we currently only support mp3 format) or record your voicy directly on our platform. Choose the option you’d like in the tab above.
  • Upload: Simply drag and drop or upload your mp3 file here. Then proceed.
  • Record: Press record and pause/stop whenever you are done. Play back your audio to decide if you’re happy with it. Once you are, click on confirm and then proceed.
  1. You made it! You will now be given a code, which you can copy and implement onto your website.

Check out our guides here to see how you can implement voicys on different website providers (wordpress, wix, ..).